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Learning at First Base

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The curriculum offer at First Base is designed to meet each child’s learning needs, as well as developing their social, emotional and behavioural skills. Learning is carefully planned to reflect the child’s interests and highly personalised to meet the individual child’s learning needs. The curriculum reflects the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and The National Curriculum. As with the community school First Base is expected to ensure that children make at least expected progress over the two terms. We share assessment data and evidence with the community school in order to ensure accurate assessments are made. The curriculum is influenced by the child’s interests and is highly personalised.


Daily Core Offer – aims to address the children’s Social, Emotional and Behavioural difficulties.

  • English and communication (Guided reading, phonics, writing)
  • Mathematics
  • PSHE – links to personalised assessment using Boxall profile/ QCA
  • Gym Trails (physical development – fine and gross motor development)
  • Science
  • Art
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