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School Day Information

The School Day – School begins at 9.30am and ends at 3.15pm.  Lunch is at 12.15pm.


Lunch Arrangements - First Base believes that eating breakfast and lunch is a valuable learning opportunity. Hot meals are provided for the children, and teachers and support staff eat alongside them in order to support and develop their cutlery skills, manners and social skills. We are fortunate to have a fantastic cook who is great at taking note of each individual child's needs when planning the menu. We understand that meal times can be tricky for some children, so we ensure that they are fully prepared for each meal, having social stories and images of the food they shall be eating, and who they will be eating with. Please contact Jayne in the office if you have any questions, she is always happy to help.  

Please click on link below for the Spring Term lunch menu

Uniform – Pupils should wear their Community School uniform, as this supports them to identify themselves as still belonging to their school. As we are very active we ask that the children bring their PE kit (we do not mind what colour or type), including trainers or plimsolls with them. Please let us know if you need any support in providing PE Kit, as we have a supply of extras at the ready. 


Transport Arrangements - First Base Ipswich follows Suffolk County Council school transport policy   If your family lives more than two miles from First Base Ipswich your child may be eligible for a taxi to bring them/take them home each day.  Transport arrangements will be discussed at the First Base induction session.   All taxi drivers and passenger assistants are DBS checked. 


Please see below for the Code of Conduct leaflet for all children using the Suffolk County Council home to school transport.


IN THE EVENT OF BAD WEATHER the Headteacher will make a decision by 7.00am each day regarding whether the unit will have to close.  Information can be found on the Suffolk County Council web site (please click on link below).